A lot of exciting things are happening this spring, dont know where to start! So I'll just start :)
I just sent six small and big paper cuts to Jenny Liz Rome's art market in Ontario, Canada. I'm so happy my work will be surrounded by her and other talented artist's work for the summer. You can check out more on the art market's instagram page: @theartmarket. And you should definently check out Jenny's awesome illustrations too! 

Some months ago I started the Paper Artist Collective with fellow paper artist Norman Von Schmeling. Today we are 43 paper artists from all over the world sharing and inspiring each other. Our web site will launch within a month or so and we also have bigger events coming up. For now you can check out the Paper Artist Collective on instagram. We introduce one of our members every weeks, and there is a lot of amazing and inspiring paper art to see.

In addition to this exciting project I have an upcoming photo/paper art project with photographer Cecilie Engebretsen and model Yvonne Berko! Photos from the project will be published here in july or august. Some key words for the project is nature, paper and nudity! 

Enough writing, here are some pictures of my latest works, some of them on their way to Canada!


The Paper Artist Collective

The Paper Artist Collective is a collective consisting of 54 paper artists from over 20 different countries! It all started in 2015 with the idea and aim to bring together like minded creatives for paper related sharing and discussion over social media. The focus in the group is on diversity, originality and of course paper. Today the collective is lead by Samantha Quinn and me, its growing fast and there is a lot of exciting things to come in the near future, our first event will take place in Oslo:


In November 15 of the artists gather their small and large works to a unique POP UP Christmas shop on Grunerløkka in Oslo! You can find the event by clicking here.


Summer is coming! Here are some photos from a summerly photo shot earlier this week.

Photo shoot

As much as i love circles, triangles and other geometric shapes, nothing is like workning with seemingly random shapes in both two and three dimensions. Im always coming back to these shapes somehow. These are made from early 2014 to early 2015.

The doodle



In January, I was contacted by Eshvi who wanted me to design and create a display for their lovely, fine jewllery to exibit at London Fashion week. Eshvi is a London based jewllery designer and I just love the shapes, colors and compositions in their jewllery! You should check it out! The theme for this line of jewllery was space ships and I therefore created a light paper cube with geometric shapes as a atmosphere for the space ships. You can see even more pictures on my instagram page @kristinebraanen.


London Fashion week